The Myth Around Tax Debt and Negotiating with the IRS

The Myth Around Tax Debt and Negotiating with the IRS
The Myth Around Tax Debt and Negotiating with the IRS

If you are one of the millions of Americans that owe money to the IRS, you need to know there are legitimate, effective ways to reduce what you owe. And, it has nothing to do with negotiations.

There Is No “Negotiation” Process

It’s somewhat common to see companies claim to have skilled negotiators that have the ability to settle tax debt for “pennies on the dollar.” The tax resolution industry is filled with companies and attorneys that advertise (often on late-night TV) promising to help the consumer to settle their debt through negotiations. They claim to be able to negotiate with the IRS – and somehow magically reduce tax debt to pennies. This is false.

The problem is, there are a number of tax relief options available to you that have nothing to do with these often false and misleading claims. Rather, there are solutions you can use, such as an “Offer in Compromise” that can help you settle your debt with the IRS.

Here’s what you need to know if you have tax debt and need financial help:

The thought that there is some skilled professional out there working their magic to encourage the IRS to provide you with reduced tax debt is simply false. Rather, the IRS uses a formula, one that applies to everyone. These tools are not just available to people who have the financial ability to hire a “professional” negotiator to handle the process for them. The IRS’s system was designed to be fair for everyone.

Don’t Waste Thousands of Dollars on “IRS Tax Relief Negotiators”

To be clear, tax debt relief is a specific and streamlined process. It is the same process for everyone. The system is designed to be fair. You don’t need a tax lawyer promising to sell some magic method of forcing the IRS’s hand.

It’s common to question this – you should. If you feel uneasy handing over thousands of dollars to buy a late-night infomercial’s sales pitch, don’t do it. Instead, learn more about how Wiztax can help you. You don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at the quotes from Forbes, H&R Block, The Washington Post (see the quotes on our homepage), and many other reputable organizations that state the same thing – there is no negotiation process.

How Can We Help You With Tax Relief, Then?

Even if you understand the importance of not using those promising to negotiate for you, you may still want help. The IRS is intimidating. That’s where Wiztax helps. We charge a low and straightforward flat fee – regardless of what you owe. Then, we help you to work through the right IRS tax relief solution for your needs:

  • We provide you with a free – no hassle evaluation.
  • You’ll then use our online tool to answer some questions.
  • After that tool, you will see each one of the options available to you based on your situation from the IRS
  • You can then compare your options and weigh the various solutions that fit your specific needs.
  • Wiztax then fills out the IRS forms for you that are required to request the tax debt relief you seek.

That’s it. It really can be that easy. Take a minute to consider why this is the best option for you. (1) There’s no complex fee. (2) There are no meetings or frustrating phone calls for you to listen to. (3) You don’t have to buy into various programs and pay what seems like ongoing fees to tax relief firms. (4) There are no delays and (5) if you’re not happy, just let us know within the first 30 days and you get your money back. That’s it!

The bottom line is simple. As an American that owes taxes to the IRS, you have the legal right to specific solutions to reduce that tax debt. The IRS already has the tools available to help most people. Wiztax helps make the entire process effortless without charging you thousands of dollars. Get started today.

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