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“Wiztax is like TurboTax, but for Tax Resolution”

– Adlai Climan, Former IRS Settlement Officer & Wiztax Advisory Board Member

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Our free online system guides you every step of the way. Wiztax was developed by Tax Lawyers and former IRS Collection Officers with decades of experience.

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Instantly see your Offer In Compromise settlement amount. Wiztax will also display your Payment Plan options and your Hardship status eligibility.

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Wiztax prepares your IRS Forms and gives you simple filing instructions. A Wiztax Expert will also do a Ready to File™ review with you. That’s it! You’re ready to be worry-free.

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“A local law firm wanted to charge me $6,000 for my offer in compromise. I couldn’t afford it. I found Wiztax and went through their online system. I submitted to the IRS and saved almost 90%!”

Jamie L., Los Angeles

“Thanks to Wiztax, I submitted forms to the IRS the same day I signed up. Couldn’t believe how simple it was.”

Joshua F., Portland

“Others told me I had to pay thousands of dollars to fix my IRS issue. Wiztax’s step-by-step system filled out all IRS forms and I was done on the same day. Thank you Wiztax!”

Kirsten H., Las Vegas

I signed up to solve my tax issues with Wiztax. I even filed with the IRS after the first payment. Others quoted me thousands of dollars…I’m lucky I found Wiztax!

Stephanie G., Charlotte

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Don’t waste thousands on expensive lawyers or tax resolution firms. Just answer simple questions and Wiztax takes care of the paperwork. Get Started to see how we can help.

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No Need To Hire Lawyers or Tax Resolution Firms. No Need to Spend Thousands.

[It’s] not a test of negotiating skills. People who hold this incorrect assumption think they can just lowball the government…perhaps walk away from the table once or twice, and come out with a great offer amount. In reality, getting an offer in compromise is a matter of simple math.

H&R Block

It’s an enticing pitch: A tax-debt relief company says its “skilled” agents…can make a deal with the IRS so that you pay less than what you owe. But it’s hype.

Washington Post

When a taxpayer calls a tax resolution firm, the firm promises what he must to induce the taxpayer to pay the firm’s retainer—$5,000 or more. Once the retainer is paid, the firm generally consumes the retainer as quickly as possible, doing nothing to help the taxpayer.


You don’t need a lawyer or tax resolution firm to solve back-tax issues. It’s not a negotiation. The IRS’s collection process ensures uniformity for all taxpayers.

David S. – Former IRS Revenue Officer

There’s a formula that determines how much you can theoretically afford to pay….Here’s the good news: you don’t have to pay someone else $5,000-$10,000 to file an Offer in Compromise. You absolutely can do this yourself.

Fox Business

If you do owe money…don’t automatically hire a tax attorney. In many cases, you can handle this on your own.

U.S. News & World Report