IRS Power of Attorney

IRS Power of Attorney

When dealing with IRS tax matters, you can represent yourself or choose someone else to represent you. IRS Power of Attorney gives an individual the legal right to represent you with IRS issues and receive and review your tax information.

However, not just anyone can represent you when it comes to IRS issues. Your IRS POA representative must be “eligible to practice before the IRS.”

You can authorize up to three qualified individuals to represent you when you submit IRS Form 2848 (Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative). Even when you designate someone to work with the IRS on your behalf, you must still continue to meet your tax obligations.

Why Do I Need IRS Power of Attorney?

There are various reasons you might need IRS Power of Attorney, such as:

  • If you need someone to help with a complex tax situation, like responding to a tax audit or resolving back taxes.
  • If you want someone to help complete tax documents or prepare a response to the IRS.
  • If you are unable to communicate for medical reasons and need someone to discuss your tax problems directly with the IRS.

Who Can Legally Represent Me with IRS Power of Attorney Authorization?

As noted above, the individual(s) you assign POA to represent you before the IRS must be qualified to work with IRS.

Examples of individuals allowed to be your IRS Power of Attorney include:

  • Attorney (or qualified law student/graduate)
  • CPA (or qualified business/accounting student/graduate)
  • Enrolled actuary approved by Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries
  • Enrolled agent who is former IRS employee or passed tax returns test
  • Enrolled retirement plan agent who is an Employee Retirement Plan Agent (ERPA)
  • Immediate family member

How Do I Authorize IRS Power of Attorney?

You can authorize IRS Power of Attorney by submitting Form 2848 online or by mail or fax. At Wiztax, we can also complete a POA, as needed.

When you submit Form 2848 online yourself, you’ll need to log in to your tax account, answer a few POA related questions, and upload your signed Form 2848. To submit Form 2848 online, visit:

If you’re mailing or faxing Form 2848, you and your IRS Power of Attorney representative(s) must sign the form before it’s sent to the IRS. You can find the mailing addresses and fax numbers to mail or fax your Form 2848 here:

Can I Have More Than One Representative?

Yes, you can assign IRS Power of Attorney for up to three representatives on Form 2848. You’ll need to check a box next each person’s name to allow the IRS to send confidential information to them, including IRS notices and tax transcripts.

Where Do I File IRS Form 2848?

As mentioned above, you can submit IRS Power of Attorney online or by fax or mail. IRS POA requests are generally processed on a “first-in, first-out” basis.

What Tax Matters Can My Representative Help With?

Your IRS Power of Attorney representative can help handle the following tax situations for you:

  • Represent you in legal matters with the IRS.
  • Execute closing agreements.
  • Receive tax refunds issued to you from the IRS (but cannot use the money or cash it).
  • Setup payment arrangements for you to settle back taxes with the IRS.
  • Sign personal tax return documents on your behalf.
  • Receive and review your confidential tax documents and IRS notices.

Do I Need to Assign IRS Power of Attorney If I Owe Back Taxes?

Yes. If you owe back taxes, Wiztax can help you setup a payment plan or installment agreement, submit an Offer in Compromise, or request Currently Not Collectible.

If you are dealing with tax problems, authorizing an IRS Power of Attorney will give you more support when dealing with the IRS so you’re not doing it alone. Your IRS POA can handle any tax situation for you and represent you in legal matters with the IRS.

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