Unfiled Tax Returns

Getting those delinquent taxes filed

Get your delinquent taxes filed so that you can take the first step in resolving tax issues

If you have unfiled returns, you’re not alone! Millions of Americans have unfiled income tax returns. If you’re missing income information (such as 1099s and W2s) or deductible personal or business expenses, don’t worry. Filing a delinquent return is the first step in resolving your tax issues and we can help.

How can Wiztax help with filing my delinquent returns?

When you start with Wiztax, we take you through the process of collecting all the necessary information. If you tell us you have not filed your taxes, we save your data and will reach out personally to discuss your next steps.

Please note: The Wiztax flat fee doesn’t cover back tax preparation or filing.

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