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Offer in Compromise

Wiztax guides you through submitting an Offer in Compromise (OIC) and settling your tax debt for less than you owe.

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IRS Payment Plans

Wiztax can guide you through getting on an IRS Payment Plan and paying off your tax debt in manageable monthly payments.

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Hardship Status

If you can’t afford to make any of your back tax payments, Wiztax will guide you through submitting a request for Hardship Status.

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Levy Releases

Wiztax can assist in getting the IRS to release a Wage Garnishment or Bank Levies.

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Unfiled Tax Returns

Wiztax can help you get your delinquent taxes filed so that you can take the first step in resolving tax issues.

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Tax Liens

Wiztax can help you resolve your tax liability so that you can get your tax lien(s) released.

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