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“A local law firm wanted to charge me $6,000 for my offer in compromise. I couldn’t afford it. I found Wiztax … submitted to the IRS and saved almost 90%!”

Jamie L., Los Angeles

“We signed up online and received a call that same day. Greg went over all our options and we started the process of submitting our offer to the IRS. Our offer was accepted last week! THANK YOU!”

Shawna R., Charlotte

“After being quoted thousands by others, I thought Wiztax pricing was too good to be true. I was wrong! Wiztax has been so great to work with. I finally feel so much more at ease.”

Alex H., New Orleans

Thank you, Greg for all the help and support you’ve provided to me and my husband. The level of service Wiztax has shown us has been so helpful and so reassuring. Thank you!!

Darlene T., Atlanta

Top 7 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Tax Representative

1. Beware of “lead generation” companies. These companies either outsource all their work, or they simply sell your contact information to the highest bidder.

2. Do not be frightened into paying thousands of dollars in fees. Paying high fees does not ensure better service or a better outcome. Firms will try to take advantage of your fear and inexperience with the IRS.

3. Do not believe companies that claim to have an “in” with the IRS or have preferential access. This is simply not true. The IRS’s collection process ensures uniformity for all taxpayers.

4. Beware of salespeople and telemarketers who are paid a commission for closing a sale. These commissioned salespeople’s only responsibility is to sell you on their service.

5. Do not be tricked into paying for an “evaluation”, “consultation” or “investigation.” A knowledgeable professional will be able to determine your eligibility in just a few minutes by asking some simple questions over the phone. Some firms will make it sound like this is a complicated process that requires a fee. It is not.

6. Be sure that your representative personally handles your case and that you have their direct contact information. Many practitioners hand off your case to others, or have their office staff do the work. Most of the time, staff workers will not have the knowledge and experience needed.

7. Do not sign anything you don’t understand. Some firms will make you sign up for additional services that you do not need, services that cost extra or long-term contracts that you can’t get out of.