How to get an actual human being on the phone at the IRS

How to get an actual human being on the phone at the IRS

Speaking to a real person at the IRS has been notoriously difficult. Follow these simple steps to talk to someone at the IRS. This information has been updated for 2021 but may change at any time.

Call 1-800-829-1040. (NOTE: You should never call a phone number and enter personal information without verifying the phone number first. On the official website, you can see that this is the listed number. Always doubl)

Press 1 for English.

Press 2.

Press 1.

Press 3.

Press 2.

Now you’ll be prompted to enter your SSN or EIN. Enter it. Press 1 to confirm, then press 1 to confirm again.

At this point a computer will begin talking, prompting you to press buttons for certain options. Don’t do anything – eventually the computer will stop talking and you will be queued in line to speak with an actual human being! However, if there are too many people queued in line, the computer will tell you they are too busy and will hang up. You may need to try a few different times or on different days to get queued to speak to someone.

Also the phone number is only available 7am–7pm local time, Monday–Friday.

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