How Will I Know If It’s the IRS Contacting Me and Not a Scammer?

How Will I Know If It’s the IRS Contacting Me and Not a Scammer?

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers may have received a call from someone who claims to be an “agent” with the “IRS” and then proceeds to tell the taxpayer that there is a criminal investigation regarding their “case” and an arrest warrant will be issued if they do not make a payment.

Unfortunately many taxpayers end up making a form of payment and thereafter realize that it was not the IRS they were making a payment to but actually a scammer.

How will the IRS contact me?

The IRS will always make initial contact by letter. The letter will be identified by the IRS logo and the address of the IRS location sending the letter. The letter will also contain an identifying taxpayer name and social security number, letter code (i.e. Ltr 12C, CP503, etc) and date. The body of the letter will contain the reason for the letter and will give you a return telephone number.

Only after contact has been made by the IRS by letter, a representative from the IRS may call you with permission and only if you give them a telephone number. You can read more on the IRS website.

If you have submitted to request, for example, for an Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement or Request for Hardship Status and after you receive the initial letter from the IRS representative (often times a Revenue Officer of Offer Specialist) as a result of your request, will the representative from the IRS contact you directly via phone and only by your permission.

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